Welcome!  I created this space so you (yes, you!) can keep up with what’s happening in my world with new games, art, and random thoughts.  If you’re unsure of who exactly I am, here’s a brief overview:

name Amy M. Garcia
age 23
location Missouri
twitter AmyGarcia

I’m a game designer, lover of music, photography and enjoy spending my time talking about comics, board games, and RPG’s.  I co-created the game you might have heard of called Empire of Dust, a tactical sci-fantasy RPG.  Currently, I am working hard on several things at the moment:

empire of dust
EoD starts you off playing as one of 3 factions on a desert war-torn planet called Osaris.  The three factions are the Xadian Alliance, The Legion of Thron, and The Bruta.  The Xadians are an ensemble of rebels and refugees from the planet who’s home has been destroyed by the alien threat Thron and the Xadian traitors aptly named the Legion of Thron.  The Bruta who are the natives of the planet are 8 foot bestial creatures that had their homes taken from by the Xadians long ago.  Half the force wants to take advantage of Thron’s coming and take their home back.  The other half want to side with the Xadian’s to get rid of Thron.

The Widow Bloody

Mechanically it used Epiphany Engine which is a uber simple, fun, and easy to acquaint with system.   EoD is sold in a boxset.  You get a 200+ page book, 2 pages of cardboard counters (I think it’s 70 or so pieces), and a world map all in a sexy black and red box!  The box set in whole costs $40.

Revising core book
Reordering books
Running games at Pulp Fiction

I will be re-releasing EoD at Gen-Con 2009 exclusively at the Design Matters Booth.


The Boy's Playing EoD at Pulp Fiction


~ by amymgarcia on June 8, 2009.

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