So apparently I don’t even know my own age.  I am, in fact, 24.  Not 23.  Oh ho ho.

empire of dust

Great news!  I have been strongly considering putting a PDF version of EoD out.  The PDF would contain all the information you would find in the core book as well as printable counter sheets and map.  Perhaps even a nifty “making of” artbook with original concepts.  There is a lot of work that would need to be done before this idea came to fruition, but it’s something I’m about 85% positive I want to do.

revising core book
pondering PDF version


So, what the hell is Paralysis, anyways?
Paralysis is the next game I’m designing.  It is a psychological horror game similar in vein to Call of Cthulhu except with tangibility.  (Go Macklin!)  Paralysis is AWESOME, because as you lose sanity, you have to physically cut your character sheet.  Yeah, with scissors.

Do I have your attention, yet?

Working on the character sheet


took pictures at the nursery today.  It was rainy but got a couple of neat shots.  Check it out!  Didn’t do any alterations in Photoshop, primarily because I’m tired.  And super lazy today.




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