Holy shit.  There is a LOT more traffic on this thing than I anticipated.  A little overwhelming considering the fact that well, I’m really pretty unimportant to the gaming community. I think there was like 180 some odd people that looked at the blog.  My initial thought was, Who the hell would want to know what I’m doing? Apparently you do, you sweet, awesome reader!

empire of dust
I currently have 12 pre-orders so far.  Thanks for all the interest!  Again, a little bit longer and you too will soon have that bitchin’ red and black box in your hands!  Even if I have to travel cross-country to get it there!

Went to Pulp Fiction to work on revisions.  On page 40ish of 200+.  A lot of the reference page numbers are incorrect as well as some minor spelling errors.  Nothing catastrophic, just time consuming.

Explained Paralysis to a buddy today at Pulp and that REALLY helped me gain some confidence with it.  He got into the idea and was uber excited at the prospect of playing.  That made me feel fantastic!  I think if I can get this off the ground, it’s really gonna soar.  Here’s the excerpt from the book:

is a role-playing game that allows players to assume the role of a psychologically disturbed patient in an insane asylum named the Silver Springs Psychiatric Institution, often referred to by staff and patients alike as the Ward.  For over 2 centuries, the Ward has been at the center of some unsettling conspiracies; however nothing has ever been solidly pinned.

This completely changes after the grizzly murder of an young girl who resided at the asylum is found dead by a fellow patient.  Since the killer has yet to be found, the constant paranoia has caused several major uproars between the staff and patients.   As players, every character had some type of connection to the girl and you are deeply motivated to search for reasons behind this terrible murder.  In some cases, you might be closer to the core of the truth then you realize.

Though the murder of the girl is an important aspect of Paralysis, it is merely a backdrop to the core story.  The core of the story is how each character overcomes their individual fears, resolves their dysfunction, and ultimately decides how they intend to challenge their fate.  Though we put much weight on the decisions of normal people and how they precede with their life, these are not normal people.  Their perception of reality is completely shattered.

Standing at the brink of insanity, each player will work together in a group to confront perverse creatures, warped fears, and their own twisted past.  But how can you put trust in somebody that is as crazy as you?



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