Is anybody else in agreement when I say, Time is going by WAY too fast.  I mean, there’s only like a month and half until Gen-Con.  It feels like I was JUST at Dreamation in Feburary!  I’m still optimistic though.  Even with the limited amount of time,  it looks like there are some really great things on the horizon.  I might be driving with the boys from Pulp instead of getting a plane ticket.  It just sounds like more shennanary to be had by all.

pulp fiction
The Comics and Games Auction at Pulp Fiction on Saturday and Sunday was fantastic!  I had a really great time!  Kudos to Andy, Melissa, and the Pulp crew for putting on such a great event!


I managed to snag a copy of Kill Dr. Lucky (the Titan super sexy color version, NOT the cheap ass games version) which I preceded to then drag Jayson, Dawson, and Jeff to play with me last night at board games night.  It was SUPER fun.  I also got Zombies! and Warhammer Fantasy RPG the original version!  Then with the money that I won as store credit, I picked up Citadels.  I’m growing a really great board games collection!

The Lots I won!

empire of dust
So, I haven’t been able to work on EoD as much as I like, but here’s PROOF that I’ve been working.  Check it out!


See the sticky notes?  Yeah, those are all corrections that I found.  Going to go though inDesign today and make corrections.  Oh wait… was that a Paralysis character sheet?  How’d that get in there?  My, my, my.


~ by amymgarcia on June 15, 2009.

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