Hmm.  So much to prepare for.  So little time.  I recetly was introduced to Jamie Cullum from a buddy at work.   I absolutely love the piano.  High and Dry is amazing.

Jamie Cullum High and Dry

pulp fiction
Magic Camp is today.  And if you’re wondering what that is… well, it’s where I’m learning to play the Magic CCG.  The boys were intent that I learn how to play.  I figured it would make me a more well-rounded nerd if I knew all the traces to my geek heritage.  Anyways, I’m supposed to get my last 2 packs today.  Hope I get something good.  Something rare.  SOMETHING METAL.

empire of dust
Did you know that many of the cities of Empire of Dust are actually named after plants?

When we were in the midst of creating the game we thought it would be very appropriate to name the cities after plants.  The planet was originally lush with vegetation everywhere, but that was thousands of years ago.  Since then, Krythids, huge insect-like creature, has decimated the planet killing off all the lush landscape except in Atropa, the Bruta’s green promised land.

Check it out:

Atropa: Based off Atropa plant in the nightshade family more commonly known as Deadly Nightshade
Lagerstrom: Based off Lagerstroemia; otherwise known as Crepe Myrtle
Based off Lathyrus; a Sweet Pea
Morus Albus
: Based off Morus Alba; a type of Mulberry tree
Stella Dora:  Based off a day lily named Stella ‘O’Doro

Checked out the prices on LuLu to see how much it was going to impact the wallet.  Man, not too shabby.  I’m probably going to be able to order around 40 books with approximately 15 going to pre-orders, leaving a good number for Gen-Con.  Looks like it’s going to work out well.  Horray!

Got a lot of the corrections done.  Since I have the day off today due to rain, I’m going to work on Paralysis and EoD.  Maybe I’ll go take some pictures around town too.  Sounds like the kinda day where anything’s possible!


~ by amymgarcia on June 16, 2009.

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