So, I’m still learning game design.  It’s facinating to see the whole logical side of the game because I’m a very innate game designer.  I make decisions based on the feel of the game as opposed to any calculated number cruching.

Let’s break down Paralysis because I feel masochistic at the moment.

3 Big Questions

What is your game about?
The game is about solving the murder of a young girl with each player having a randomly pre-determined motive while characters lose their minds in an insane asylum.  Characters tangibly change via physically cutting their character sheet when they lose sanity.

What do the characters do?
The characters work together or undermine each other to get to the scene of the murder, Room 1940.

What do the players do?
Players create a story explaining the reasoning behind the girl’s murder.

Failure, Reward and Advancement in RPG’s
I’m still stuck on the Mastermind Episode #40.

Okay, so this seems to be a really big thing for me at the moment because of the misconception of three in role-playing games.  I think that failure is often perceived as a negative thing BUT I’m here to defend that shit.  Failure should be interesting in a successful game.  Failure often breeds the most interesting situations and a good game will have the mechanics to support that.

This came as an epiphany to me as I played Kill Dr. Lucky.  You see, the entire game is about your character attempting to murder the good doctor without being seen by the other characters.  Under the right circumstances, you can attempt a murder and if you FAIL, you don’t win the game, but what you do gain is SPITE.  SPITE is permanate and can be used later to beef up your next murder attempt.  GENIUS.

Fail Physical Test
Sustain Physical Damage making it more difficult to overcome physical obstacles.

Fail Mental Check
Sustain Mental Damage making it more difficult to overcome mental challenges.
Cut Character Sheet (reflects them losing their mind)
Put Tear (a numbered peice of your character sheet)  in Pile in center of table

Earn Initial Energy (I.E. is like the benny, metals, or drama points in the game.)
Option to Convert to Conserved Energy

Pull Delirium Trigger
Gain as many Tears as Conserved Energy
When you pull your Delirium Trigger you pull Tears from the pile where people lost their mind.
You have the ability to pull new names, new traits, memories, goals, and incorporate that into your character.
This is a bizaare way of advancement, but I still think it can be considered as such.

Hmm.  That was a good exercise.

Ever have that feeling like you have to get a game done RIGHT NOW.  Like right THIS SECOND before anybody else can steal your idea?  Yeah, that’s how I feel!  I’m about another 10 hours from having the character sheet completely finished.  I’m pretty happy with the basic design of it, but I’ll post it when I’m done.

thought of the moment
Charisma and Fail Forward makes you awesome.
Or a huge jackass.  Whichever.

pulp fiction
Went to magic camp last night and lost quite a few games, BUT I did beat Hash once.  Which is saying a lot, since he and Andy are the best Magic players at the store.  Watch out boys, I’m going to be the Magic MISTRESS.  Bwahahahaaa!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is my favorite movie and I have a need to wach this movie.  Nowish.


~ by amymgarcia on June 17, 2009.

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