I have a ride to Gen-Con officially!  Gonna be riding with the Pulp Fiction guys.  Horray!

empire of dust
We have a date for ordering books!  It will be the 17th of July.

Just a reminder, if you haven’t already put your preorder in, do so!  You can contact me via email: AmyMichelleGarcia(at)gmail.com.

If you haven’t heard already, Mouse Guard has won in the Best Role-playing Game category beating out both D&D 4th ed. as well as Trail of Cthulhu.  All I can say is, Holy shit.  I found out via Twitter when my phone started going off in 3 second intervals with notes of congratulating both Luke and Thor, as well as everybody who had helped with the book.  I immediately strated dancing around giddily causing several people to stare at me strangely as I proceeded to make high pitched squealing sounds.  Nonetheless, I was extremely happy.

Role-Playing Games

* Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Players Handbook
Wizards of the Coast
Rob Heinsoo, Andy Collins, and James Wyatt

* Mouseguard Role-Playing Game
Archaia Studios Press
Luke Crane and David Petersen

* Trail of Cthulhu, The
Pelgrane Press Ltd
Kenneth Hite, Robin D Laws, Jerome Huegenin, and Simon Rogers

WINNER: Mouseguard

Some people look up to Batman or Superman.  Maybe even Wonderwoman.  Well, Luke Crane is my hero, if you didn’t already know.  If anybody deserved this award, Luke definately did.


~ by amymgarcia on June 29, 2009.

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