08.11.2009: GenCon Edition

Added because, well, a lot of people aren’t really sure WHAT Empire of Dust is.  Understandably!  Since I am limited on time at the moment (packing for GenCon) I will post an excerpt from the 2008 Design Matters Booth Menu that might clarify a least a few questions.

Here’s some pictures of Kevin Allen Jr. running Empire of Dust at Dreamation 2009 and myself running at Pulp Fiction

Number of Players: 2+ (scales very well)
Time to Play: 4-6 hours per game session, supports campaign play.
Location: at home, around a big table
Genre/Subject Matter: Sci-fi/ Fantasy Action and Adventure

You might like this game if you like: The Dune novels by Frank Herbert, the music of Coheed and Cambria, the Dark Sun campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons, movies like Mad Max and Star Wars, or video games like Final Fantasy, Halo, and Gears of War.

EMPIRE OF DUST (EoD) is an action-packed sci-fi/fantasy role-playing game set in the midst of a desperate battle for a war-torn desert planet. Players join the battle for Osaris as three vengeful factions fight for domination.

EoD is set on a desert planet known as Osaris. The Xadian Kingdom has been deposed by a rampaging alien entity called Thron. The game follows the struggle of the Xadian loyalists as they fight back against Thron and his traitorous legion. In the midst of this struggle, the bestial Bruta (Osaris’ native species) wage a war to reclaim their ancestral lands from the humans who have overtaken them. It’s a war on three fronts, and the players are thrown right in the middle of it all.

As a game, EoD is an action-oriented, tactical experience. The game rules focus on tactical combat, blazing chases, cunning persuasion, territorial conquest, and dangerous travel. The rules are meant to simulate the planet of Osaris as a living, breathing world and allow the players to enact real, tangible change through their actions in the game. EoD uses the robust Epiphany Engine game system, which blends traditional role-playing concepts with strong narrative elements.

Characters can belong to any of the three main factions in the war for Osaris. Players can choose from a wide variety of classes, traits, and equipment. The game includes dozens of guns, swords, magical glyphs, vehicles, psychic powers, and more that players can use to customize and empower their characters. Like the protagonists in a novel, characters have access to unique traits, which allow them to break the normal rules of the game, and give them specific ties into the setting. The game also employs a dynamic character advancement system, which makes each roll of the die a chance to improve your character’s abilities.

Sum it up?

Empire of Dust isn’t just a game. It’s an experience.


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