08.11.2009: GenCon Edition

One.  More.  Day.

It’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve updated my blog, but it’s primarily because, well there’s been nothing imperative to blog about!  But, like I said, one more day till GenCon!  I can’t wait to see everybody!  It’s going to be so exciting!  I’m going to be taking so many pictures, it’s going to be amazing!

Also, get a twitter account and start following DMbooth1834 because you can win a Empire of Dust Survival Packet which includes:
-Empire of Dust 2009 PDF
-4 cut out PDF sheets to create your own counters
-Osaris Map
-EoD “The Widow” Wallpaper


I’ll be going to be driving to GenCon with the Pulp Fiction guys tomorrow!  I’m incredibly excited!  I’ll be with the Design Matters crew this year so come check us out at Booth 1834.  I’m pretty sure that we’re close to MouseGuard and the WotC guys.

I’ll have the hard copies of Empire of Dust at the Booth also!  Just to remind you of what it comes with:

-2 sheets of 109 full color cardboard, die-cut counters
-a black and white map of Osaris
-a 222 page perfect bound Empire of Dust rulebook
-A FUCKING MEDAL (courtesy of my good friend Shaun Taylor and his family)  One side has the Autumnstar and the other has the Legion of Thron.  It’s incredibly cool!

All these great things come in a super sexy box.


~ by amymgarcia on August 11, 2009.

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